Expert. In many fields we have been in construction Since 1985. Our journey began in Mexico

Golden pro construction & pluming is family owned and operated. We have been in the construction industry since 1985. Our journey began in Mexico City building traditional home of concrete block. And brick homes. Our building was the whole structure from flooring to walls. Ceilings. Metal structures and windows. Electrical, pluming , Even some welding. In 1999 we began our journey. In USA. Learning how to work with wood. Drywall. Electrical and California pluming codes. In 2017 we acquire California contractors license. We are proud to work with our communities in the United estates of America. To offer excellent service at reasonable prices. Look forward to working with you and your project.

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Residencial Services

This category includes services related to kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, floors, toilets etc

Pluming services residencial.

This includes water heaters, Tankless, Re- pipe, dishwasher replacement, shower doors, etc

Pluming services commercial

This includes commercial water heaters, water lines for ice machine, grease trap installation, etc

Sustainable housing

we are happy to start a new Journey. we will be building A home with hempcrete. it is a new learning lesson on new building materials for the benefit of the human race. The benefits of hempcrete are incredible and it will solved so many of the current home issues.
hempcrete is Mold Resistance. termite resistance. fired resistant. and it has high R value. good temperature control, and it filters the air. it will help people with allergies and it will also help with the exposure of the 4G and 5G waves based on the thickness of the walls.

Golden pro

Construction & Pluming

Golden pro construction & pluming is family owned and operated. We have been in the construction business since 1985 it all started in Mexico building traditional. brick and concrete homes, brick homes building from the start doing all aspects of homes from flooring, electrical, water. gas, window we even do welding, later in 1999 we began our American journey.


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